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  • Jeremy Martin Jeremy Martin received a Gold from Bob Williams
    Jeremy has really stepped up his game and done a great job both on and for his team by leading some tough architectural discussions, leading team sprint slides, and moving the core data model along. - Bob Williams Bob Williams
  • Jessica Williams Jessica Williams received a Silver from Chris Davies
    Jessica likes people. A lot. - Chris Davies Chris Davies
  • Josh Skidmore Josh Skidmore received a Silver from Chris Davies
    Josh helped come up with the best way to implement some new SPARCet features. Super helpful. - Chris Davies Chris Davies
  • David Rogina David Rogina received a Platinum from Eric Bowman
    For sitting on a business development meeting for 15 minutes of his life that he will never get back. Thx for adding value as well and actually doing all the stuff I talk about on your free time so we have reference implementations of such breadth! - Eric Bowman Eric Bowman
  • Patrick Hutchinson Patrick Hutchinson received a Silver from John Smith
    Pat did a great job impressing his customer! " I *really* appreciate you being involved enough to see things like this and taking the initiative to raise awareness as gracefully as you do. :)" - John Smith John Smith
  • Michael Fraysher Michael Fraysher received a Silver from Courtney Hamm
    Mike is always available to help no matter how many other things he may have on his plate! - Courtney Hamm Courtney Hamm
  • Courtney Hamm Courtney Hamm received a Gold from Jessica Williams
    Courtney gave me some very useful recruiting tips and tricks to use while networking. It's amazing what fiddling around for a business card can do :) Thank you for the brilliant advice! - Jessica Williams Laney Hass
  • Courtney Hamm Courtney Hamm received a Silver from Lee-Anne Scalley
    Thank you for always being willing to work way over your 40 hours and help out with networking events! - Lee-Anne Scalley Lee-Anne Scalley
  • Lee-Anne Scalley Lee-Anne Scalley received a Gold from David Shatz
    Lee-Anne sat in on the meeting with Blackbaud and added her recruiting perspective and a ton of value and credibility! - David Shatz David Shatz
  • Chris Simon Chris Simon received a Gold from Michael Fraysher
    Helped with getting the TVs from the office to Goldbug for SPARCtober. Chris is always a team player and makes himself available to help. - Michael Fraysher Michael Fraysher
  • Why engage employees? #1 reason employees resign: not feeling appreciated/recognized.

  • Sparcet is an employee recognition and engagement app that provides unfiltered peer-to-peer recognition across an organization. An engaged workforce increases creativity, production, and innovation, and that all starts with recognition. See how it works
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