Culture in the Boardroom? Yeah Right!

Culture in the company we can do, but in the boardroom?…the room where we meet around a fancy table that seems to go for miles to discuss controversial topics in uncomfortable attire attempting to act and speak professionally all the … Continue reading

Sparcet Library

We just launched our Sparcet library full of great books and articles to help you ignite engagement in your workforce! Check it out here:

Cold Fusion – Can You Feel It?

Dear CEO, Did you know that it is your responsibility to make your employees happy? Well, it is! Your first thought may be, “Oh great, like I need something else to do,” BUT if you simply make sure your people … Continue reading

Email Sucks

We said it – email sucks. Email is one of, if not, the most impersonal forms of communication out there and yet we all are guilty of using it, in many cases when we know it’s not the correct communication … Continue reading