• For the first time ever… Quick Recognition. Lasting Engagement.

    Sparcet is an electronic recognition application that fuels engagement through recognition. A Sparcet is a public, virtual “great job” and a way of sharing and letting someone know you appreciate them. Sending a Sparcet takes less than a minute and provides personal and shared recognition for individuals across an organization. We believe that engaged employees are the creative force behind everything good that happens in an organization!

    The #1 Reason People Leave Their Jobs: lack of appreciation and recognition

  • Sign Up

    Sign up here and then invite users. Once those two steps are taken, you can utilize all functionality in Sparcet!

    Sign Up for Sparcet.
  • Roll Out

    Everything you need to get the most out of Sparcet can be found here. Throw the paper airplanes, post flyers, and put up table tents. You can also provide user decks as go-to guides. Most importantly, send all of your Sparcets!

    Welcome Kit
  • Use It

    Send all of your Sparcets every month for the first few months! This will increase adoption and spread the word about your organization adopting recognition.

    Log Into Sparcet
  • Integrate

    Post the feed and stream on monitors and TVs throughout your organization, and make it known that you are using Sparcet! This will not only increase adoption, but it will also capitalize on your Sparcets and further increase engagement.
  • Analyze. Report.

    Use the analytics and reporting features to pull everything from an aggregation of all Sparcets sent in the last 12 days, to seeing who is impacting what aspect of your company the most.

    Get Sparcet.