• Sparcet

    Sparcet is a employee recognition app that provides pure, peer-to-peer recognition which reveals all of the good deeds occurring within your company. A Sparcet is a virtual “thank you”, “great job”, a way of sharing and letting someone know you appreciate them. Sending a Sparcet takes less than a minute. Sparcet is also the first app in a product suite called Teamphoria, an Employee Engagement Platform (EEP). Check out the latest features!
  • Teamphoria

    Teamphoria = Employee Engagement Platfrom (EEP) Teamphoria is an Employee Engagement Platform consisting of 8 apps, reporting, analytics, and a full set of services to ensure the platform and your company’s success. Teamphoria is the first platform of its kind to help companies build a great culture and engaged employees as well as measure that culture and engagement. Teamphoria is expected to be released within the next few months. Can’t wait? …we don’t blame you! Go to the Teamphoria website and submit your email address to be one of the first to get your hands on this groundbreaking platform!
  • Culture Services

      Engage John Smith, SPARC’s Chief Evangelist:
    • Have John Smith speak to you and your company about Culture
    • His expertise lies in the development and implementation of Core Values, Core Guidance, and Company Purpose Development Workshops – a workshop for companies interested in creating a SPARC-like culture.
    • Executive Coaching on Culture – Coaching for senior executives because culture will never work if it doesn’t start at the top! What to learn more about this guy and his thoughts on employee engagement? Check out his blog!